Quick Fix
How does Sprink meal subscription work?
Sprink delivers ready to eat, fresh, pre-portioned meals directly to your door. Ordering from Sprink is pretty simple -
  1. Choose your cuisine preferences like North, South etc
  2. Tell us which meal you want - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and
  3. Choose your portion size. Once you select these, we’ll generate a suitable personalized meal plan for you. You can choose from 3 days, 10 days and 30 days meal plan options. Once it’s done - just sit back and relax. You’ll receive those meals at the chosen days of your subscription delivered seamlessly to your doorstep. You can pause a meal or cancel anytime if your needs change.
What’s a cut off time and how does it affect my orders?
The cut off time is described as the time when the last order of the day can be placed. Post this, no orders of new subscriptions can go through.
What's the customer care number?
Reach us at +91 9611481517. The best way to reach us is through Whatsapp but if you prefer calling us, do feel free to call us on the same number.
When will my meals be delivered every day?
We deliver meals as per these delivery timelines for each meal session: Breakfast 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, Lunch 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, Dinner 6:30 PM- 8:30 PM. You will get a tracking sms from our end approx. 30 minutes before planned delivery time.
How do I check the current status of my meal?
You can check your meal status by logging to Sprink or using the tracking sms which we send to you prior to delivery or you can also whatsapp us at +91 9611481517 and our team will track it for you and update you.
Are my daily meals safe to eat? How do you maintain hygiene in a pandemic situation?
We follow strict and non-negotiable hygiene protocols during prep and finish till delivery. Alongside following WHO regulations, we also put extra Hygiene checks and filters to make sure each meal that comes to you is tasty and safe to eat. Take a look at our hygiene checks
My meal is late. What should I do?
Our meals are usually delivered on time but under unexpected circumstances such as bad weather, traffic issues or due to unforeseen operational constraints, if a meal delivery is delayed, you can Whatsapp or call at our support number +91 9611481517.
Do I have to pay for any delivery/packaging charges?
No, all meal prices are inclusive of the delivery fee, packaging charges and govt. Taxes. except in cases where options other than basic free ones are chosen to avail a scheduled delivery or a different type of packaging is selected.
Can I change my delivery time slot after taking a subscription?
At present, all meals are delivered at a predefined time slot. We are able to deliver meals at no delivery charges due to the reason that we do lots of delivery optimization and multiple orders in a single delivery zone and meals are delivered as per optimized route plan. But if you are facing critical issues with your delivery slot, please talk to the customer support number and we'll try to make some adjustments for you.
How do I give feedback for my food?
You would see the list of orders delivered to you on ‘Accounts Page’ Against each order, you can provide your feedback or raise escalations. The more feedback you share the better we will understand your preferences and that will help us serve you better.
How many times will Sprink deliver?
Sprink will do a fresh delivery every time as per your meal plan and meal sessions- up to four times a day.
Why am I being charged for delivery?
Your delivery is absolutely free unless you have opted for a custom scheduled delivery in your preferences. In order to make such deliveries happen, our delivery partners have to deviate from the pre-defined mapped routes and thus incur additional costs resulting in higher cost for the delivery. Hence, a nominal fee is charged only in cases scheduled delivery.
Why am I being charged for packaging?
We don’t charge extra for packaging by default; unless you have opted for custom packaging options while booking the meal plan. These charges are upfront displayed at the time of choosing your option.
How does Sprink maintain hygiene and sanitization?
We have always given utmost importance to food hygiene and safety and we are following the quality procedures even more in recent times.
Our meals are made fresh for all meal times and delivered accordingly. We wash, rinse, and sanitize food contact surfaces, dishware, utensils, food preparation surfaces, and beverage equipment after every use. We frequently disinfect surfaces repeatedly, touched by our kitchen employees such as doorknobs, equipment handles, food counters, and grocery cart handles, etc. Temperature checks are done three times a day for kitchen employees. The whole kitchen is professionally sanitized every day after all the meals are delivered for that day. You can take a look at our Hygiene checks here.
How do I check the current status of my meal?
You can check your meal status by logging to Sprink or using the tracking sms which we send to you prior to delivery or you can also whatsapp us at +91 9611481517 and our team will track it for you and update you.
What is the minimum number of days for the subscription?
There are multiple varieties of plans available starting from a minimum of 3 days, that are recommended based on your food preferences. However, we are also a completely flexible subscription, which means the subscription can also be paused anytime and renewed at your convenience. So (for instance), even if you have opted for 10 days, you can pause it whenever you want.
Can I change my food preferences once the subscription has started?
Yes you can do customizations and changes even after your meal plan has started. Just login to your Sprink account and go through various options. Just remember to do them within a predefined cut off time of the day for it to reflect from the next day.
What other charges/taxes are applicable to the subscription?
There are no extra charges or taxes that are imposed on what you have paid on the Sprink platform. Our meals are inclusive of taxes. However, there might be charges related to delivery, packaging that might be applicable if one has opted for a different option other than the basic, free version.
What’s the price of the meals?
One can view prices per meal that is displayed with every subscription plan. The price point of various subscriptions varies from one another as per the meals that come inside the particular subscription.
Where can I see the menu?
You can view the next few days of the menu under the Our Menu section.
How can I customize my meals?
You can customize almost everything about your meals. Our menu plans are recommended based on your given preferences. While taking the short quiz, you can customize the types of cuisines you like, veg and non veg preferences, along with, the days that you prefer eating veg or non veg, select your portion size, your protein preference and meal sessions.
Do I need to order my meals every day?
No, once you have selected your meal plan and set the dates, your meals are automated to be delivered every day at a predefined time slot until the subscription ends, or it’s manually paused/cancelled.
Can I opt for COD (Cash On Delivery)?
There is no COD feature available. The subscriptions are prepaid and payments are done through cashless transfer. You can pay by many secure payment methods that are available on the platform and even as many wallet recharges as you like and keep the amount secured in your Sprink wallet.
Can I do a one-time order from Sprink?
You can order by choosing a subscription for a minimum of 3 days. But if you want to try it only for 1 day for now, choose a 3 days plan and keep it paused till you need it next.
How do I pause or cancel my subscription?
Just login to your account, go to My food calendar and there you can see the options for pausing or cancelling the subscription. You will also see some basic options related to these in your daily feed which you see immediately after logging in.
What is a Sprink Wallet?
Your wallet on Sprink is a pre-paid closed credit account that is associated with your account on Sprink. This prepaid account allows you to pay a lump sum amount to Sprink and then shop multiple times without having to pay each time using other modes of payment.
Can I have multiple Accounts with Sprink?
Each account is uniquely identified by a phone number. If for any reason you need to have more than one account, you can register with another phone number. But if you simply want to have multiple meal plans, you can do that using the same account.
How do I add more meals to a subscription?
You can log in to your Sprink account and increase the quantity or change/add more meal plans.
Can I have multiple addresses with Sprink?
Yes you can set more than one delivery address by adding a new address while placing an order. You can label these addresses as per your convenience say Home, Office etc and use those next time while ordering.
How do I change my registered email address and phone number?
You can’t change your phone number as that uniquely identifies each account. You can login and change your email account though.
My food wasn’t delivered, but the wallet still got deducted.
For any technical glitches, refund related issues and real-time assistance regarding subscriptions, please whatsapp us at 9611481517 or write to us at contact@sprink.online
I did not like my food/ a wrong order was delivered. How do I get my refund?
You can look at getting a refund initiated if the food received by you is in an inedible state or the food packaging is in a tampered condition. We can be reached at 9611481517 and contact@sprink.online
I paid for the subscription, but no longer require the services. Can I get a refund?
A refund in such circumstances is available on a case to case basis. One can always reach us at 9611481517 for further clarifications. Note that if you cancel your subscription without completing it there will be certain deductions as you would no longer be eligible for package discounts which you had been given earlier and you will be charged as per per day rates.
I paused/cancelled my subscription, what will happen to my money?
One never loses their money with Sprink as the account never expires. The same wallet amount can always be used while extending a subscription or buying a new subscription.

The money is credited to the wallet balance for the days a subscription is paused or cancelled.
Is there an expiry to my wallet credit?
No, there is no expiry date on the wallet amount.